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Here is the link to our festival venue: http://camping-ukraine.com

All our Festival activities including our workshops, lectures, conference, shows, competition, award ceremony and accommodation will be in one place. All out international participants will be picked up from Odessa airport (Ukraine) and will be transferred to the hotel and festival venue which is located at Chornomorsk city (Address: Naberezhnaya 13 street hotel Abbo).

For all our guest dancers from South America and Russia we have made a special provision and we will gladly send you an original invitation letter for travelling to Ukraine. One of our local Ukrainian team members will be waiting for you at the Odessa airport in case you need any assistance.

More details on transportation from Airport to Hotel will be published soon. During your stay, one of our assistants will take care of all communication between you and the hotel if you need any help. The hotel is in a very quiet and beautiful area, few meters far away from the sea. A perfect place to focus on learning and at the same time having kind of a holiday feeling.

Our team will also make the hotel booking for you, please note the following prices and hotel options.

  • Single room for 1 person 40 EUR per day
  • Double room for 2 people 42 EUR per day
  • Triple room 3 people 45 EUR per day
  • 4 people (1 room ) 45 EUR per day
  • 4 people in (2 rooms connected together) 56 EUR per day
  • Luxury full see view single room 81 EUR per day

OPTIONAL to have 3 meals for 10 Euro per day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Important ! Please, let us know if you are vegetarian)
Questions or concerns?  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email us at info@inannadancefestival.com

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