Inanna Awards

Inanna Awards 2018   

Inanna Awards were created by Inanna International Iraqi dance Festival to give credit for achievements and work in the fields of humanitarian work, art, culture and dance.

In 2018 our festival honored two incredible women:

Inanna Humanitarian Award went to:

Manar Al Zubedy, who is an Iraqi Journalist and human right activist. She is the first Iraqi journalist who established an independent magazine that calls for women and children´s rights in Iraq.  Manar Al Zubedy  graduated from the College of Law at the University of Baghdad and launched many awareness campaigns about law and legislations for women and children´s rights. She focused her voluntary work on essential social issues like violence against women, child-marriage and honour crimes, supervising sending humanitarian aid to remote villages in Iraq.  She created and supervised humanitarian campaigns to help the Roma people in Iraq (the Kawliya). Her campaign was successful and the village was visited, receiving some assistance from international humanitarian organisations. The highlight of her campaign was the reopening of the children school in the Kawliya village with the help of UNICEF.  

Inanna dance Award went to:

Amel Tafsout (meaning ‘Hopes of Spring’) who is a charismatic Algerian born international master dance artist, choreographer of North African Maghreb dance; language and dance instructor, a socio-linguist, a poet, a frame drummer, a singer and an energy worker.  She is one of the finest exporters of North African traditional and contemporary Maghreb Dance of our time and has mesmerized audiences worldwide. With research in dance anthropology and a long training in various healing practices, Tafsout’s knowledge of her culture and her experience in many dance styles and music make her very unique. She has dedicated her life not only to making her dance culture known but also to building a bridge between the East and the West in order to create a dialogue of communication and understanding in weaving the beauty and strength of Arab-North African women.

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